GambleAware raised over £8 million from the gambling industry in the 12 months ending 31 March 2017. Although this represents an increase from last year, this still falls 20% short of the target set for the industry by the Responsible Gambling Strategy Board (RGSB).

GambleAware is responsible for delivering many of the priority actions set out in the National Responsible Gambling Strategy 2016-19, published by the RGSB and endorsed by the Gambling Commission.

Under the terms of an agreement reached between the industry, the regulator and ministers in 2012, GambleAware was granted the responsibility of raising the funds required to deliver this strategy. As such, we act as the commissioner of research, education and treatment services from a wide range of organisations across Great Britain, ensuring funds are allocated and spent effectively.

GambleAware is recognised by the Gambling Commission as the principal funding body for research, education and treatment. Therefore, a contribution to us is a simple way for operators to ensure compliance with the social responsibility code provision 3.1.1 (2) contained in the Gambling Commission’s License Conditions and Code of Practice (LCCP). Importantly, as Sir Christopher Kelly, Chair of the RGSB, makes clear “channelling funding through GambleAware helps provide a coordinated approach leading to better value for money and more impact”.

RGSB has judged that the implementation of the National Responsible Gambling Strategy requires GambleAware to raise a minimum of £10 million annually.

In order to raise this amount, we ask all those who profit from the gambling industry in Britain to donate a minimum of 0.1% of their annual Gross Gambling Yield (GGY) to GambleAware. This would not only meet RGSB’s funding requirements, but it would also help us reach the people who need the help.

In Great Britain, there are around 430,000 people who have a gambling problem, and another 2 million at risk of developing a problem. Yet, only 2% of those who need help are currently getting the support they need.

In the context of the government’s expected review of the existing voluntary system of funding in the coming months, the need for the sector to prove and showcase its commitment to minimise gambling-related harm has never been more acute.

While we see a strong case for maintaining the voluntary system of funding for research, education and treatment, we would have to support the commencement of the statutory levy if the voluntary system fails to deliver. Our first priority has to be providing sufficient help for all those who seek it.

Please play your part in the National Responsible Gambling Strategy by pledging your support to GambleAware and helping the charity achieve its 2017/18 fundraising target of £10 million.

Download the donation guidelines and form 2017/18 here.

For further information on how your company can champion the work of GambleAware, please do not hesitate to send an email to or call 020 7287 1994.

GambleAware receives no public funding and relies on donations from the gambling industry to achieve its mission. We look forward to working with you to inspire the industry as a whole to contribute a full and fair share to address the evolving challenge of minimising gambling-related harm.

Thank you!

Cinta Esmel
Director of Fundraising

GambleAware is registered with the fundraising regulator and is committed to following the standards for fundraising practice.