As an independent national charity, GambleAware is registered with and regulated by the Charity Commission for England and Wales and the Scottish Charity Regulator and follows the Charity Governance Code to ensure best practice.

GambleAware understands the need to generate widespread trust and credibility in the charity's independence and integrity, particularly in view of the investment of both fundraising and commissioning functions in a single, industry-funded body. GambleAware has put in place robust governance arrangements including:

GambleAware develops its commissioning plans in collaboration with the ABSG and the Gambling Commission. The ABSG is the Gambling Commission's independent adviser and is responsible for generating an independent, unbiased, evidence-based national strategy. These arrangements are underpinned by an 'assurance and governance framework' agreed between the three parties and rely on openness, transparency and partnership to deliver results. The framework was published in August 2012.