The purpose of the Scottish Advisory Panel is to advise the Board on the charity’s activities in Scotland or with an impact on Scotland.

The Panel will provide advice on, inter alia:

  • The commissioning of research projects to reduce gambling-related harms in Scotland
  • Education activities to build resilience to gambling-related harms amongst children, young people and students in Scotland
  • Public Health evidence-based campaigns and initiatives to reduce gambling-related harms in Scotland
  • Harm minimisation initiatives to protect vulnerable groups in Scotland
  • The commissioning of treatment services in Scotland
  • Engagement with the Scottish Government, Scottish local government, Public Health Scotland and other key stakeholders.

The Panel will consider and make recommendations to the Board regarding the resources necessary to deliver the charity’s engagement plan.

The Panel will also provide feedback to the Board on the charity’s performance in Scotland, regularly reviewing key performance indicators and evaluations.

Terms of Reference

The terms of reference for the Scottish Advisory Panel can be found here.


The Panel shall comprise at least four independent members and shall have at least three members who are normally resident in Scotland.

  • Appointments to the Panel are made by the Charity’s directors (the Board) and shall be for a period of up to three years, which may be extended for a further period of up to three years.
  • The Board shall appoint the Panel’s chair, taking account of advice from the Panel.
  • In the interests of transparency and openness, representatives of the UK and Scottish Governments, the Gambling Commission and the Advisory Board for Safer Gambling (ABSG) may also be invited to observe all or part of any meeting, as and when appropriate.

If you wish to put yourself forward to join the Panel, please contact us.

Minutes of meetings

The minutes of meetings will be published here.