Independent Research Oversight Panel (IROP)

GambleAware seeks to ensure the overall validity and reliability of all research conducted under its auspices is of the highest quality and consistent with accepted scientific expectations.

GambleAware has formed an Independent Research Oversight Panel (IROP) comprised of international academic experts to provide advice and comment on current research and future directions.

Panel members are appointed on the basis of their knowledge and academic expertise in the areas of gaming machine configurations and operation, gambling-related harm minimisation interventions, and gaming machine patterns of play and characteristics of players.

The purpose of appointing such a panel of independent experts is to provide the necessary expert and independent oversight and comment on the scientific rigour and methodology to underpin stakeholder confidence in the objectivity and quality of all research outputs.

The primary objectives and terms of reference of the IROP are to:

  • Review the methodology and design of existing approved research projects
  • Conduct an assessment of the findings described in draft reports submitted to GambleAware
  • Identify gaps in research knowledge and make recommendations for future directions of inquiry
  • Evaluation responses to GambleAware invitations to tender for research.

 The Panel is: