Cynthia Folarin

Cynthia is the Managing Director of Public Health Insights and a former Assistant Director of Public Health/Consultant in Public Health. Cynthia started her public health career as a Midwife, having spent a number of years as a Delivery Suite Co-ordinator and manager.

More generally, as an independent consultant, Cynthia supports local authorities, public health teams, NHS organisations and the third sector to develop strategies to improve population health and wellbeing. She has recently developed commissioning intentions for a Local London Authority; conducted a full breastfeeding service review; shaped the strategic direction of a number child and maternal health programmes in a local London borough; and conducted a number of complex mental health needs assessment that are successfully shaping mental health service provision for adults and children.

Cynthia is a graduate of Durham University National Leading Transformation of Health and Wellbeing Programme and the King’s Fund Leadership Programme. She is passionate about moving the Public Health agenda forward within all sectors of health and social care to address existing inequalities and improve the quality and provision of care for all.

While she enjoyed the rewards and challenges of clinical practice, Cynthia chooses to use her knowledge and experience to influence a wider audience – through various senior Public Health roles. Also, as Director of Quality and Assurance, Cynthia led the transfer development and implementation of the ‘Quality and Assurance’ framework of a Clinical Commissioning Group to enable successful authorisation.