Gerda Reith 

Gerda Reith is Professor of Social Science in the School of Social and Political Science, at the University of Glasgow, U.K.  
Her research focuses on the role of social, cultural and environmental factors in the development of different types of gambling behaviour, and on their implications for public health and policy. She has carried out a number of studies of these issues, most recently a five year longitudinal qualitative study of ‘gambling careers’ and trajectories. Other projects include explorations of the role of crime, debt, social exclusion and resilience on the development of gambling problems and recovery, as well as other risky behaviours over time, and their impacts on individuals as well as their wider social networks. She has written extensively on the empirical and theoretical issues around these topics, and her book, The Age of Chance: Gambling in Western Culture, won the Philip Abrams Prize for the best book in sociology for 2000.
She sits on the editorial boards of a number of Journals (including International Gambling studies, Journal of Youth Studies and Risk Management), and has advised national and international governments and organisations on issues related to gambling and public health.