Voluntary Settlements

Within the regulatory process, licenced operators may offer to make donations to socially responsible causes as part of a voluntary settlement with the Gambling Commission.

In 2015/16, GambleAware received £700,000 towards its work under the terms of such agreements which allowed it to invest in a range of treatment, harm minimisation and research projects over and above those funded by ordinary donations.

The Gambling Commission is willing to rely on assurances from GambleAware that such donations have been made as promised and spent appropriately within the terms it has agreed with the operator.  Directing such funds via GambleAware also ensures they are spent strategically, and that maximum benefit is achieved by, for example, making a capital investment in a service which will then receive ongoing operational GambleAware funding.

Provided the agreed use of the funds (1) supports the National Responsible Gambling Strategy and (2) accelerates the delivery of the strategy rather than displacing ordinary funding, then GambleAware is open to discussing options for the specific application of any settlement with the operator concerned.   For example, an operator whose compliance with the minimum age restriction for gambling led to a breach in licencing conditions may wish to propose an educational initiative targeting young people’s awareness of the risks of gambling.

Funds may be offered to GambleAware for general use within the discretion of its trustees, or be given as ‘restricted donations’ which can then only be used for a specific, agreed purpose e.g. to support a particular priority action within the National Responsible Gambling Strategy.

Operators considering including a donation to GambleAware as part of a settlement offer to the Gambling Commission should contact our Fundraising Director to discuss any options they have in mind.