Patterns of play ITT

09th July 2018

GambleAware publishes its 'patterns of play and consumer vulnerability' invitation to tender. Read the announcement here.

National Gambling Helpline in Great Britain

03rd July 2018

GambleAware has issued a statement in response to reports today that the helpline is not taking calls. Read the announcement here.

Patterns of play research update

26th June 2018

GambleAware publishes an update to its 'patterns of play and consumer vulnerability' research programme. Read the announcement here.

Safer gambling campaign creative agency appointed

22nd June 2018

GambleAware appoints M&C Saatchi to develop safer gambling advertising campaign. Read the press release here.

Strategic Delivery Plan 2018-20

19th June 2018

GambleAware has published its Strategic Delivery Plan 2018-20. Read the announcement here and the Strategic Delivery Plan here.

CNWL NHS National Problem gambling Clinic 10 year anniversary

19th June 2018

GambleAware welcomes the Health Secretary's acknowledgement of the value of the CNWL NHS National Problem Gambling Clinic. Read the announcement here.

New funding arrangement with GamCare

11th June 2018

GambleAware has announced a new £14m 3-year funding arrangement with GamCare. Read the announcement here.

Public Policy Exchange conference speech

24th May 2018

GambleAware's Chief Executive spoke at the Public Policy Exchange Conference 'The future of gambling in the UK' on 23 May 2018. Read the presentation here.

Treatment delivery gap analysis ITT - deadline extension

02nd May 2018

GambleAware has extended the deadline for the invitation to tender for a treatment delivery gap analysis (a needs assessment for treatment services). Read the ITT here and the research brief here.

GambleAware's submission to Labour Party review

30th April 2018

GambleAware submitted a response to the Labour Party review of NHS treatment of gambling addiction. Read the submission here.

Advertising and marketing research funded

30th April 2018

New research funded by GambleAware into the effect of marketing and advertising on children, young people and vulnerable people. Read the announcement here.

Self-exclusion evaluation ITT

26th April 2018

GambleAware publishes an invitation to tender for an evaluation of the impact of Multi-Operator Self-Exclusion Schemes and awareness and barriers to self-exclusion. Read the announcement, the ITT and the project brief.

Lotteries Council Conference presentation

20th April 2018

GambleAware's Chief Executive spoke at the Lotteries Council Conference on 19 April 2018. Read the presentation here.

Crystal Palace FC and GambleAware

13th April 2018

GambleAware and Crystal Palace FC join forces to tackle problem gambling.  Read the press release here.

Appointment of two new trustees

09th April 2018

GambleAware extends links to related charities and the NHS with appointment of two new trustees. Read the announcement here.

Publication of research into the relationship between gambling and homelessness

06th April 2018

GambleAware has published research which aimed to further our understanding of the relationship between gambling & homelessness. Read the announcement here & the report here.