New PhD funding

24th October 2018

GambleAware funds a new PhD into the developement of harm reduction interventions for gambling and gaming. Read the announcement here.

Systematic review of treatment and support

22nd October 2018

GambleAware commissions academics at the University of Huddersfield & Flinders University Australia to undertake a systemtic review of treatment and support. Read the announcement here.

Gambling in families research

11th October 2018

GambleAware publishes a report on gambling in families and the influence of parents and families on young people. Read the announcement here and the report here.

Blocking software funding

10th October 2018

GambleAware announces funding of GamBan for treatment services following evaluation of gambling blocking software. Read the announcement here and the evaluation here.

Innovative applied research ITT

05th October 2018

GambleAware publishes its innovative applied research invitation to tender. Read the announcement here and find the ITT here.

New trustees appointed

04th October 2018

GambleAware appoints new trustees. Read the announcement here.

Annual Review 2017/18

28th September 2018

GambleAware publishes it's Annual Review 2017/18. Read the Review here.

GambleAware invests £1.5 million in partnership with Citizens Advice

24th September 2018

GambleAware has announced a new two-year, £1.5 million partnership with Citizens Advice to help debt advisors better understand, prevent or reduce gambling-related harms. Read the announcement here.

KPMG – Isle of Man eGaming Summit

21st September 2018

GambleAware CEO presents at the Isle of Man eGaming Summit which had a core theme of ‘Raising Standards Together’. Find out more about the event here and view Marc Etches' speech here.

Publication of research into gambling among young adults

18th September 2018

GambleAware has published research which aims to further our understanding of gambling and problem gambling among young adults. Read the announcement here and the report here

Educari evaluation of education initiatives

13th September 2018

GambleAware publishes Educari evaluation of education initiatives. Read the announcement here and the evaluation here.

Gambling-related suicide ITT

13th September 2018

GambleAware publishes an invitation to tender for research into gambling-related suicide. Read the announcement here and the ITT here.

Mental health in the Long Term Plan for the NHS consultation

10th September 2018

GambleAware has submitted a response to the Mental Health for the Long Term Plan in the NHS consultation. Read the submission here.

Society Lottery Reform Consultation

29th August 2018

GambleAware has submitted a response to the Government consultation on Society Lottery Reform. Read the submission here.

GambleAware funds evaluation of harm-minimisation projects

22nd August 2018

GambleAware funds evaluation of two harm-minimisation projects. Read more here.

Scottish youth problem gambling initiative

14th August 2018

GambleAware invests £3/4 million in ground-breaking Scottish youth problem gambling initiative. Read more here.