Mapping problem gambling severity data

Using data collected as part of the Treatment Needs and Gap Analysis programme of research, GambleAware has worked with UCL to produce maps of Great Britain which show the prevalence of problem gambling severity in each Local Authority area, as identified using the Problem Gambling Severity Index (PGSI), as well as maps showing Consumer Indicator Data including accessibility to gambling outlets and the Index of Multiple Deprivation. The PGSI data was collected in 2019, and the survey will be repeated, and the maps updated, on annual basis. A note on the data analysis used can be found here.

How to use the maps
Using the button at the top right of the maps, users can switch between layers of data to show the prevalence of each category of PGSI score (0 = non-problem gamblers; 1-2 low risk gamblers; 3-7 moderate-risk gamblers; 8+ problem gamblers) by the quintile with the lowest prevalence to the quintile with the highest prevalence within each Local Authority area in England, Scotland and Wales. Users can switch to maps of Consumer Indicator Data using the same button, and can toggle location labels on and off, or highlight the ‘built up’ (urban vs rural) areas. Buttons at the top left allow users to zoom in and out.

These maps represent a starting point in understanding the distribution of problem gambling and the harms that may arise from it across Great Britain. It is anticipated that they will be useful to national and local public health teams and healthcare commissioners in building their understanding of gambling in their local authority area. Feedback is very welcome via

There are a range of other tools and resources available to support organisations in working together to keep people safe from gambling harms:

Resources to support those working with young people include:

  • The Gambling Education Toolkit, produced by Fast Forward
  • Materials produced by the PSHE Association to support gambling education through PSHE teaching in schools
  • Resources produced by Parent Zone on Gaming or Gambling aimed at parents of 8 to 12 year olds, and resources aimed at older children approaching emerging financial independence and their parents called Know the Stakes.


Consumer Indicator Data from Consumer Data Research Centre. PSGI score categories and Gambling Data from GambleAware. Maps created by Justin van Dijk.