GambleAware is committed to delivering an independently commissioned research programme that shifts the focus beyond the individual to include the gambling environment and products, in line with a public health approach. View the Research Projects and  Research Publications pages to see active and completed GambleAware-funded research.

Research strategy

Research priorities are guided by the national responsible gambling strategy advised by the Responsible Gambling Strategy Board (RGSB) and endorsed by the Gambling Commission. The latest strategy was published in April 2016. Key priority areas as identified in the strategy including high stake, high prize gaming machines and remote gambling (including mobile and social gambling). An essential feature of GambleAware's long-term strategy for research is executing a robust and systematic examination of data collected and held by the gambling industry in order to consider its usefulness for research into responsible gambling and harm minimisation.

Research Commissioning and Governance Procedure

A Research Commissioning and Governance Procedure describes how research priorities are identified, and research projects commissioned, through the tripartite agreement between the RGSB, GambleAware and the Gambling Commission. It covers the commissioning and governance of a wide range of research, from individually commissioned research, to that undertaken through longer-term options, such as PhDs.

Research Programme and Commissioning Plan

A RGSB research programme sets out RGSB’s current view of the priorities for research to be commissioned from April 2017 to March 2019. This is intended to be a living document, subject to change in the light of new learning or emerging issues. In line with the Research Commissioning and Governance Procedure published in May 2016, the Responsible Gambling Strategy Board will create a research brief for each of these projects. This will set out more detail on the questions each project should answer, the context for the research and how it will be used. GambleAware will be responsible for commissioning this research programme and ensuring the research is delivered to a high standard.

GambleAware has published a Commissioning Plan for 2017-19 which will implement its elements of the National Responsible Gambling Strategy and deliver the RGSB’s Research Programme.

Invitations to tender

The evaluation of bids in response to invitations to tender for research will be performed by GambleAware's Independent Research Review Group. This Group advises the Research & Evaluation Committee, which then takes the final decision. In the case of treatment and harm prevention-related invitations to tender, it is the GambleAware Education & Treatment Committee that reviews submissions and advises GambleAware's full board of trustees.  The minutes of these meetings may list all the applicants as well as identifying those to whom grants are awarded. 

If you are a researcher and wish to receive notification of any new invitations to tender for research that are issued by GambleAware, please email us and request to be added to the GambleAware 'ITT database'.

While GambleAware will continue to identify and commission research projects on a selective case-by case basis, it also welcomes bids for innovative applied research. Further information about this call will be published on the Research Projects page.

GambleAware InfoHub

GambleAware also runs the GambleAware InfoHub. This is an independent and free online resource for anyone who has an interest in the nature of gambling and its impact on individuals and societies. Browse the catalogue to explore the literature or find out about upcoming events. We provide downloads of open access articles, and abstracts with links to purchase those that require a fee.